Congratulations to Old Elk Distillery for launching Dry Town Gin & Vodka.

Who We Are

Blue Ocean is a Fort Collins, Colorado-based company founded in 2011 by Curt and Nancy Richardson to commit capital to promising businesses, strategically invest in commercial real estate, and support the local community through its philanthropic organization, The Richardson Foundation.

Business Ventures

Blue Ocean is dedicated to creating local jobs by investing in businesses that have developed one-of-a-kind innovations, demonstrate the potential for rapid growth, and are managed by entrepreneurial teams. Our affiliated companies receive business mentoring and a suite of professional services, backed by our proven experience in systematically building successful companies.

Commercial Real Estate

Blue Ocean is significantly impacting the restoration and renewal of Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado region through strategic commercial real estate investments. As a significant owner of real estate holdings, our mission is to revitalize the community we love.

"If you're going to inspire people, have a company that really makes a difference in people's lives."
- Curt Richardson, Co-Founder and Chairman